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Protected Key System

Protected key systems ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your keys. These systems code your keys and restrict their duplication to authorized locations only, which means that even if someone attempts to make a copy of your key without your authorization, they won't be able to. You have complete control over who can request a key and gain access to your property.

Implementing a protected key system can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive, secure, and critical areas. It's essential to have different levels of restricted access based on the type of area in your business. Your keys should not be easily accessible, especially when dealing with valuable assets and sensitive information.

A protected key system is crucial because it gives you greater control over who can obtain copies of your keys and how many copies can be made. This is especially important when dealing with expensive properties or sensitive information as you need to know precisely who has access to your building at all times.

Protected key systems are restricted and licensed only to specific dealers. For instance, York Security Solutions is a dealer of Medeco products. If they generate a Medeco key, additional copies can only be obtained through them. No other locksmith company has access to their records, keys, or systems.

When a key request is made, York Security Solutions checks and validates the request with the proper authorization contact on the account before making any additional copies. They highly value and protect their restricted key system to ensure the safety and security of their clients.

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