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The complete solution

Our cloud-based software and state-of-the-art hardware implement instantly, integrate easily, and create a system of record that delivers ultimate administrative control.

Lock & unlock doors from anywhere, anytime. Modernize your access control today using Mobile Credentials. Let us help you secure your building during these uncertain times. Get more info today. Advanced Security. Cloud-Based Security. Custom Solutions. Scheduled Locking. Hands-Free Access.

Certified and compliant

At Openpath, we take security, privacy, and regulatory matters seriously. That’s why our hardware is UL 294 and FCC compliant, meets European and Canadian standards, and our readers are IP65 rated. Beyond hardware, it’s important that Openpath treats your data responsibly, which is why we’re GDPR and CCPA compliant and Privacy Shield certified. We can also help you meet your physical security requirements, like HIPAA and PCI.

Modern Hardware

Openpath’s easy-to-install hardware connects all of your entry points seamlessly while adding

a layer of sophistication to your security.

Cloud-based software

Every action and update is instantly communicated systemwide through our cloud-based platform.

Encrypted credentials

Whether you choose mobile, cards, or fobs, all access methods are secured with end-to-end AES encryption.

Open API

Openpath's open API lets you connect the applications you use every day to your access control system.

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