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Hands-Free Access Control

OpenPath Access Control can be operated Hands-free and is also compatible with cards, fobs, badges, tablets, and Apple Watches.

Openpath is a leader in mobile access control solutions. Openpath allows anyone to use their mobile phone to open an authorized door with the touch of a finger or wave of a hand, without needing the phone or app open. Openpath's patented Triple Unlock technology delivers 99.9% reliability for a secure, frictionless and fast entry experience. With a robust cloud solution, Openpath provides a nearly unlimited array of enterprise software capabilities, future-proofing the needs of the built environment. The company has introduced innovative Tailgating and Lockdown Solutions providing the ability to lock/unlock any door, zone or building in an emergency from a mobile device. Founded in 2016, Openpath is based in Los Angeles' Silicon Beach, unlocking 1 million doors per week and growing.

Local News

Miami Beach Alarm Registration

If you have a burglar alarm in Miami Beach you received a bill for a $10 registration fee.  This has raised a lot of questions from many of our customers. In short, all burglar alarms must be registered with the Police Department. Contact PMAM at (877) 503-6817 to obtain a registration form, or click here. Please note there is an initial $10.00 registration fee. Alarm Registrations are Renewed annually for $10.

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