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Identify and prevent threats in real-time

With integrated, always-on analytics and real-time anomaly detection, Vaion intelligently highlights what’s truly relevant. Get alerts and notifications in case of intruders, suspicious objects, or unusual situations. 

Faced with enormous collections of video recordings, operators can now use our powerful Search capabilities or our playback timeline to find evidence in less time and with fewer resources.

Get analytics from all your cameras, all the time, instantly

To ensure your existing third-party cameras continue to add insights and value, we use machine learning algorithms to collect and analyze data from your deployment in real-time and without post-processing. Vaion’s best in class approach allows for this intelligence with a minimal number of servers — up to 200 cameras per 2U appliance.



  • Integrated analytics and anomaly detection in real-time

  • People presence, smart map, tracking, notifications, and alarms

  • Search by similarity, events, objects, and images across entire system


  • Always-on encryption of recordings and media transport by default.

  • Hardware designed from the ground up for best-in-class security

  • Detailed audit trails of all operator and admin actions


  • Focused and simple user interface

  • Effortless physical installation and configuration

  • Simple portfolio licensing model with a broad coverage of scenarios


  • Hybrid cloud modern architecture for every deployment type

  • Value-added cloud services for software upgrades, remote access and more

  • Next-gen hybrid cloud architecture for increased resilience and scale

Vaion - Machine Learning, Video Analytics
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