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Integrated cloud-based access control and

video surveillance and cloud based telecom.

Eagle Eye Networks was created to make video security easier for all of us. Camera systems have traditionally been pretty complex, challenging for most people to manage, and costly. EEN leverages cloud technologies to make cameras easier to use, more accessible, and more robust.

Brivo was founded in 1999 with the vision to use cloud technology and internet connected devices (IoT) to control access to physical spaces. This innovation transformed the experience of physical security management from a cumbersome burden to a simple cloud platform.


Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo, Inc have partnered to create a tightly integrated solution that

provides true cloud integration of video surveillance and access control, allowing administrators to access the combined functionality of both systems operating in a convenient single, fully cloud based, sign-on configuration.

OpenPath's Mission is Reduce friction in the built environment. For the organization that doesn’t want to compromise ease for security, Openpath is innovative, intelligent access control that automates your security infrastructure, so you can focus on managing your business. Featuring Hands-Free Mobile Enabled Access Control credentials that grant you entry without needing to take your smartphone out of your pocket or your bag. 

Completing our cloud-based offering we also offer cloud based phone solutions from Net2Phone. 

Net2Phone Office offers small businesses a cloud-based phone solution that is reliable, scalable and packed with easy-to-use features for one of the lowest price points in the industry for unlimited calling to the US, Canada, Mexico and 22 other popular international destinations.

In addition to unlimited calling, the Net2Phone Office solution includes:

  • 40+ advanced business features

  • Call transfer, forwarding, recording and blocking

  • Plug and play IP Phones

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